Monday, November 10, 2014

Sweet Dreams

As much as I complain about the cold months, I did jump at the opportunity to finally switch over to my winter bedding. My bed is my comfort zone and on a cold night I always look forward to cozying up in bed with Misa and Netflix. Side note: you have no idea how many takes and treats it took to get Misa to look at the camera for these shots. Doesn't she look ginormous in this photo? Despite being a monster she sure is cute. 
Okay. Back to the bedding. In the winter I always put on flannel sheets. Some people hate flannel sheets because they get super hot while they sleep but I'm the complete opposite, I sleep like a mummy all wrapped up in all my blankets. I even have a heated mattress pad that I turn on before I get into bed so I never have to get into a cold bed during winter (don't laugh, upstate New York winters can be rough!). I know many of you love the Pottery Barn Teen bedding and I totally agree but for the winter I'm obsessed with the Martha Stewart Collection. Martha makes a variety of plaid quilts, sheets and comforters that wrap you in warmth for those cold winter nights. You know when you were a kid you had Christmas sheets, well Martha makes holiday sheets for adults that put you in the holiday spirit without being childish. 
I bought this specific collection last winter during a huge sale (I ended up getting the quilt for $30, thank you Macy's coupons!). But, this year the Martha Stewart collection has a very similar quilt along with plenty of other comforters, decorative pillows and sheets to choose from (so many amazing plaid prints). Martha's collections are great quality too, she can be a little pricey sometimes but it's definitely worth the extra money, the flannel sheets I own get softer with every wash! Good news is, all the bedding I'm featuring below is all on sale and you can get an additional discount by looking online for coupons!

This faux fur throw at the bottom of my bed is Charter Club and I received it as a Christmas gift last year. Misa gets very confused by furry blankets, she always rubs her face in it thinking it's an animal!

When looking at these photos I'm very aware of how plain my walls are. 
Looks like I need to invest in some wall art ASAP.


My favorites from the Martha Stewart Winter Collection
 (all on sale now!):
Decorative Pillows // White Faux Fur Throw (I also love this Animal Print Faux Fur Throw)

Do you have separate bedding for summer and winter?


  1. This bedding is really cute. I was never into plaid/ flannel until this year. Now I am obsessed! By the way, Misa is gorgeous. She is an Akita, correct? I know a lot about dogs and am pretty spot on with breeds but please correct me if I am wrong. :)

    1. You are correct, Misa is an Akita (a very bold Akita, haha!)

  2. I lovee flannel sheets in the winter! These choices are so great and your pictures are adorable!


  3. Oh my gosh! I WANT MISA! She's so cute! I love big dogs. They're the best!

    - Sarah :)

  4. When I grew up in PA/still lived in my parents house (also still in PA), flannel sheets were a MUST. Our heating wasn't all that great, it was an old house, and I never was hot in the winter. Now that I moved to the South and even though it does get cold here (into the low 30's mid-winter, this year may be colder) the thought of flannel sheets frightens me. I get so hot now at night that when I fall asleep I'm wrapped up like a burrito but by like 2-3AM I'm back to only a sheet. And I don't even have my heat or A/C on at all!

    I do have to admit though... I bought a new deep red sheet set from Target last week because I'm one of those weirdos that NEEDS Christmas. :)


  5. OMG your dog is incredibly cute!!!

    - Deniz


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