Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Shows Worth Checking Out

The only good thing about the weather getting colder is that all our favorite television shows come back on the air. It feels like forever since I found out what happens to some of my favorite characters and with plenty of shows leaving cliff hangers, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Not only do we have our old shows returns, we also have plenty of new shows starting up that look they will become a new obsession of mine.

The Mindy Project
Last time we saw Mindy she was pregnant with her boyfriend Danny's baby and airing on Fox, but over the summer The Mindy Project had a complete make-over and will now be streaming their episodes on Hulu. I can't get enough of Mindy and her crew and with this new show debuting and her new book 'Why Not Me' getting released this past September, it's officially become the year of Mindy Kaling. 

The Walking Dead
We have less than two weeks before we are reunited with Rick Grimes and his motley crew of survivors. Last year things got pretty sticky for this group when Rick took charge of the Alexandria Safe House after almost getting banished. This year I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now that he is reunited with a more zen Morgan and what those crazy people with the 'W' on their forehead have in store for our group.

Survivor Cambodia
Speaking of survivors, I couldn't resist adding the newest season of Survivor to my list of must watch television. Last May, the show put the power in viewers hands and fans were able to vote 20 former players they wanted to see have a second chance back into the game. These players know what its like to lose a million dollars and now they are back for redemption. 

Scream Queens
Looking for something new to add to your list of shows you watch? Try Scream Queens. This hilarious take on the traditional horror movie packs plenty of laughs. Plus, the cast is filled with stars including Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele. The plot is that a serial killer is on the loose at a college campus and is specifically targeting a famous sorority and the girls in charge. I know it sounds scary, but trust me it's more 'Scary Movie' than 'Scream.'

American Horror Story: Hotel
While Scream Queens won't frighten you, I can't make any promises when it comes to American Horror Story: Hotel. Each year this show debuts a new theme, new characters and a brand new story line. This year Lady Gaga takes over for Jessica Lange as the star and I heard she is plenty terrifying. I'm sure after watching this show you'll think twice about your next vacation and pay extra attention to what hotel you're staying at. 

What Fall TV are you most looking forward to?