About Me

Hey Guys! 
My name is Alex and I’m 24 years old.
I just recently completed my Masters in May and I’m slowly attempting to become a self-serving independent adult (baby steps right?). I’ve created this blog firstly as an outlet to all my ideas, and secondly as a record of where I am at in my life. It will be nice to look back and see how I have grown through my 20’s. Fashion has always been my go-to thing. It’s definitely my passion and I love collecting new pieces for my ever-growing closet. Things you can expect to read on my blog are all things fashion, recipes I’ve attempted (future housewife in training!), stories about my life and of course the occasional (frequent?) picture of my pride and joy Misa.    
 Thanks so much for stopping by and being a spectator to my life. 


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  2. hi! i really like your blog, so i nominated you for the tour around blogland. hope this is okay! you don't have to participate if you don't wanna, but i just wanted to let you know :)

    xo, carli

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  4. I feel like I'm reading about myself here! I just finished my Masters too, and I'm trying to learn how to bake sweets (even though I always end up using the same cookie recipe...). Fashion has always been very important for me and I'd like to do something related to it in my career!
    Lovely blog, would you like to check out mine? :)

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