Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Wish List: Technology Edition

Confession: I spend most of my free money on updating my wardrobe (not shocked are you?) and I rarely tend to buy new technology. It's one of those things that slip in the back of my mind and is never a priority but lately I noticed how desperately I need a technology upgrade. I've had my iPhone 4 for 5 years now and it's definitely on it's way out. There have been numerous occasions where my phone suddenly decides that it will no longer accept text messages and I will only notice when I get a snapchat from a friend asking me why I'm ignoring them (thanks Meg!). So lets just say an iPhone 5 will be in my possession in the near future (although I'm trying to hold out because I hear rumors that the iPhone 6 is going to get released in October). It will be nice to have a phone that works at an appropriate speed and no longer closes apps on a whim. New phones also mean new phone cases. Most places have officially stopped selling iPhone 4 cases so I always miss out on the cute new case arrivals in all the stores... I've had my eye on the gold polka dot Kate Spade one for quite some time now.
In addition to a new iPhone/case I really want to invest my money in getting a new camera. I currently have a great digital camera that I've had for probably 5-6 years that is perfect when I go on vacation or to different events. However, it really lacks what I need when it comes to taking photos for my blog and I find myself being somewhat disappointed in the pictures I use for my Weekly Outfit Recaps. I definitely need to look into buying a new camera that better suits my needs but I want to make sure I do my research before making the purchase. 

Fellow bloggers/readers-- do you have a camera you would recommend to me?


  1. AH! I just made a post today about my current wish list. I on the other hand ALWAYS buy new technology and never update my wardrobe. Whoops. Downfalls of being a professional nerd I guess.
    A new camera just depends on what you want out of it - do you know all about f stop, aperture speeds and focal length? If not (or you won't learn in the next 6 months), just invest in a higher end point and shoot. DSLRs are super expensive and you really only get out of them what you know, so if you'd keep the setting on auto then it's not worth it. The other option which may be equally as expensive are compact system cameras. I'm eying up the Sony a5000 because it does nearly everything a DSLR can but it's way less bulky.

    If you really do want a DSLR, go for a Canon or a Nikon. I've had both brands in various camera types and never had a major problem. I've had friends that have had Sony DSLRs and had some issues with the sensors, so that's the only reason I wouldn't recommend them for a DSLR.


    1. Thanks Kim, this was very helpful!

  2. I wish there was a camera that came with a photographer! haha...sometimes I think it would be great to have a fancier camera for blogging but I know that I constantly use my iphone for the easy access quick shots. Which they take great pictures outside..but fuzzy ones inside. the.struggle.

  3. I love the iphone case you picked out!! I am on the hunt for a new one - the gold is perfect! And that camera!! I want one!

  4. I have been looking on and off for a new camera, but I just cant decide if I should get one. Let me know how the picking goes!

  5. I love that phone case!



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