Thursday, July 24, 2014

Packing Tips From A Recovering Overpacker

My name is Alex and I'm a recovering "over-packer."
Since I'm flying out to Chicago next week, I've already started thinking about what I need to pack for my trip. Traveling makes me very nervous in general (something I'm really trying to work on) and having to pack always adds an extra stress. Something about not having access to home essentials makes me worry, which in the past caused me to pack wayyy to much in my luggage. I've come a long way in my tendencies to overpack and it's definitely a work in progress but I came up with 5 tips that helped me when packing that I wanted to share with all of you.
  1. Pick a theme: I now try and pack pieces that I can easily mix and match depending on my mood, this way I don't have to pack different outfits for every day I'm traveling. For example I may go with a navy color scheme and pack classic jewelry that will go with any outfit I wear, rather than statement necklaces that won't match everything. 
  2. Be practical: I may have a new pair of shoes that I'm dying to wear but it doesn't make sense to pack them if I'm going to need to break them in before use. It's important that I remind myself where I'm headed when deciding what to throw in my suitcase. For example, if I'm headed to Disney World I need to remind myself that I don't need to pack a pretty dress because I'm most likely going to end up in shorts and tank tops.
  3. Check the weather: Just because it's warm where you are now, doesn't mean it will be warm where you're going. I always check the weather multiple times the week I'm supposed to go somewhere so I can decide if I need to pack things like a rain coat, jacket or extra pair of shoes.
  4. Brainstorm outfit ideas in advance: The week before I leave I always make a list of possible things I want to bring with me. By writing it down on paper it's easy to visualize a theme. I also recommend investing in a packing list (I love this one) so you won't forget to pack necessities.
  5. Don't wait till the last minute: I have started to pack a little bit each day so I'm not overwhelmed the day before I travel. It helps keeps me organized and less likely to tear my bedroom apart looking for specific items.
What are your travel tips?
Are you guilty of overpacking for a trip?


  1. wonderful tips
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  2. Great tips! #1 is my go to, using a theme has helped so much with my over packing :).

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. #2 is definitely the best advice!

  4. I am SUCH an over packer. I love this list.

  5. I'm going to LA this week and these are some really great tips! Nice post :)


  6. I love to make a list of the things I want to take with my before packing. But I can be an over packer sometimes or all the time.

  7. Lists are so important for me too! I try to pick out things I can mix and match, and although I always try not to, I still end up overpacking. Have fun in Chicago! I was there earlier in the summer and I loved it!

    Maggie D. xx

  8. What are you coming to Chicago for? I live here this summer and I'm so in love - message me if you want any good restaurant, boutique or bar recommendations!


  9. Great tips! It’s better to have an organized luggage than a messy one, right? I do hope you’ll be able to stick to these rules you’ve set, in order to avoid any hassle in your future travels. Moreover, I would suggest having proper storage materials, zip locks for example, to help in packing and organizing your stuff. Have a great day!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.


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