Thursday, July 3, 2014

25 Before 25 Update

I just realized that I have a little less than 5 months until I turn 25 and it made me realize how quickly the days go by. That being said, I decided to take another look at the 25 Before 25 list I made on my birthday last year. For those of you who don't know, I made this list of 25 goals/things I want to accomplish before my 25th birthday. I figured if I wrote things down it would be easier to visualize and keep me motivated to achieve my goal. I've definitely been making progress on my list which made me happy but I still have some things to check off in the next few months. In the meantime, I've been writing down new goals that I want to start working on (getting a jumpstart on 26 Before 26!). 

Here is an update on my progress so far:
  1. Spa Day: Still needs to be complete, I've gotten a couple facials but no massage.
  2. Plan Another Girls Trip: Woohoo we planned a Disney trip for November! (Side Note: my goal in addition to this was to go somewhere I've never been before and since I went to Costa Rica last April I will be able to double check this off my list!).
  3. Visit Chicago (again): Booked my flight to visit Chi town later this month. 
  4. Expand my Blog: This is still a work in progress but I have been lucky to work with a few fabulous companies and bloggers and Monster Misa has grown greatly in the past 7 months, thanks to you guys!
  5. Build Up My Savings Account: This is another work in progress but I have allocated that $200 a paycheck goes directly into my savings and I've seen my savings grow leaps and bounds since doing that.
  6. Start and finish Breaking Bad: I have started Breaking Bad, now I just have to finish it which will be easy to do since the show is soooo good.
  7. Read More Books: Another work in progress but so far this year I've read 12 books this year (two a month) and I'll be finishing my 13th by the end of the week. I'm so happy I've made more time to read.
  8. Take more pictures: So far so good, I've been bringing my camera to more events and I took a boat load of pictures in Costa Rica. With my upcoming trips to Cape May and Chicago right around the corner I'll be sure to snap a few more memories.
  9. Go to a NY Knick Game: This hasn't happened yet (mainly because my Knicks we're not so good last year). It's still on my to-do list and I'm hoping to see a game this upcoming fall/winter so this goal might need to get carried over to my 26 before 26 list.
  10. See another Broadway show: Check! I was able to see Book of Mormon last winter. I hope my next Broadway show is Aladdin, it looks fab!
  11. Go to Light in the Park: I didn't get to this last Christmas, so I won't have another opportunity until next Christmas... so another delayed goal, whoops.
  12. Take a Cooking Class: This hasn't happened yet but it's on my short list. They just started doing cooking classes at our local Market Bistro so I plan on signing up with friends.
  13. Organize my Accessories: Another work in progress. I've definitely made progress in my room but it's all about staying organized!
  14. Plan a Dinner Party: Another thing on my short list, I might wait until fall to host one because nobody wants to stay inside in the summertime.
  15. Fun Manicure: Not yet. But this will be easy to achieve once I remember to do it, haha!
  16. Drink More Water: In the beginning I brought my water bottle to work everyday to drink more, then it got away from me. Now that it's hot out I'm going to get back on the water grind.
  17. Attend a Concert: Check! Saw Bruce Springsteen a couple months ago--- doesn't get much better than The Boss!
  18. Get a Signature Drink: This I'm not sure if I've found 100% yet. I've definitely been experimenting and my go-to liquor drink has been a vodka soda and since I don't like beer, I've discovered Angry Orchard Hard Cider. I'm still open to other drinks though...
  19. Treat myself to an expensive piece of jewelry: I haven't bought this yet, but I did get a beautiful ring from Anjolee that is nicer than most jewelry I own!
  20. Take an exercise class: Check! How could I forget my (embarrassing) experience with Hot Yoga?
  21. Wear bright lipstick: Ugh. I haven't made this plunge yet. It's definitely going way out of my comfort zone, but I still really want to try it. I just need to get the courage to attempt it.
  22. Clean out my Closet: Hooray! I did this a few months ago and was able to get rid of a couple bags of clothes that were donated and some that we're given to my co-workers!
  23. Apply for a Reality Show: Done! I've applied twice to Survivor since I wrote this list. I even made a video that I sent to casting. Still no call from producers to report to the island but I'm going to keep trying, its a weird lifetime goal to compete for the million dollar prize.
  24. Try new restaurants: Another work in progress but it's something I've definitely been doing a lot lately. I even tried a new Italian place in my town last week. I've really enjoyed trying new places with friends and family, and I will continue to expand my horizons.
  25. Continue to promote myself professionally: So far so good. Since I wrote this list I've gotten a new job at NYS Department of Tax & Finance and I've taken several state tests to (hopefully) lead to a bigger and better position. I'm thankful for how far I have come and I'm looking forward to continuing to better myself in the future. 
So basically I've achieved 16/25 so far with several more a work in progress. Re-examining this list definitely got me motivated for the next few months!

Did any of you make goal lists for this year?
How is everyone else's progress going?


  1. Those are some amazing things :) I didn't make any goals this year, other than just being happy.


  2. Girl I am with you on the lipstick! That was one of my goals this year - it's hard to take the plunge but SO WORTH IT!

  3. Try the Revlon Colorstay Matte balm. I have a couple of them, and I LOVE them! I love that I can even put on Chapstick over the color.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I need all the help I can get hah!
      -xo Al

  4. I second the girls trip! Those are always so fun!

  5. Congratulations on the progress! I need to clean out my closet, but I get too overwhelmed sometimes and just put everything back!


  6. Oh my I should really make one of these. I will be 25 in November! I like that you've accomplishment so much. And p.s. I used to never wear bright lipstick. It changes your life ;)

    Lauren xo

  7. These are so cool! You have done so much!

    Love Always,


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