Thursday, August 1, 2013

Office Space

     I am a control freak and I like things in order, I think it may be the only child symptoms in me thats not used to mess or working off of someone else's schedule. When I was in college, I was always the one tidying up and organizing. My desk at school was always dusted, organized with a place for everything and everything in its place, and the same could be said for my desk at the state. I definitely have a couple OCD tendencies which is why I'm always looking for cute organizational accessories. In my bedroom I have no room for a desk, even though I'd love one. I've been in the process of finally starting the job search after a much needed summer vacation and I've already started to think about how I would organize my desk (because no matter what job I end up with, It's safe to say that I will be provided with a desk). 

      Since being at work for 40 hours a week can seem depressing, I always tried to keep my space bright and fun because otherwise it can just add to the doom and gloom of being at work all day. I discovered this really cute website called Printed Ink, which calls themselves a "Modern Stationary Boutique." They have really cute desk organization accessories in a variety of patterns. My favorite part is that you can get all of the products monogrammed with your initials. Its makes everything a little more personal and reinforces the idea that this is your own space. I definitely have the desk calendar and mousepad on my list for when I get a job. 

      In regards to organization I love the idea of having some type of cork board handing so you can have important phone numbers, papers and to-do lists on display. My old desk at the state has cushioned cubicles so I had so many pictures and important papers tacked on my walls. But since having cushioned walls seems unlikely in the future, I loved this giant Push-Pin board (in my favorite color combo, navy and white!). It adds a little personality to a normal boring cork board and helps give your desk a color scheme. If you cant afford a pre-made patterned cork board (like this one I found at Pottery Barn Teen) you can easily make your own by buying an ordinary cork board and target or office max and covering it in fabric of your choosing bought at a local craft store. 

      As mentioned before, I think it's important that you make your desk warm and inviting because it will make you feel more comfortable being at it. I had pictures covering every inch of open space in my old cubicle. Pictures of friends and family (and lots of Misa) gave my desk some personality and everyone knew whose desk it belonged to. Frames can be super expensive if you don't look in the right places. I refuse to pay more then $5 for a frame, so I typically look in the clearance section of Target, Michaels (use a coupon) or Christmas Tree Shop. 
Funny I Don't Recall Asking Your Opinion Note-Pad
Can I Retire Now Sticky Notes----AMAZING

    Finally, I think its important to laugh, especially when the pressure is on at work and things feel stressful. I'm obsessed with Ann Taintor products and if you haven't visited her website you need to go so ASAP. They have hilarious sarcastic products for your home or office. So many of the products make great gifts. I especially love the office sticky notes and note pads (I love the shot glasses too but I don't think they would be work appropriate....). Plus when you send your co-worker a note, why not send them a laugh too, it lightens the mood. 

Happy Organizing!

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