Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Babe

       I basically live in my bathing suit during the summer, I have quite the collection and consider myself a professional tanner. Each spring I start to scout the new summer lines and save my cash to make a purchase. Typically, I prefer bandeau top bathing suits because I really hate tan lines, I think they can be very distracting with a strapless dress or top so I do my best to avoid them. Basically all bandeau tops come with removable straps so you can put them on if you plan on taking a break from sunning yourself to play some pool volleyball. I do own a couple bathing suits with halter tops for when I go to the beach every year because those waves can be rough and I'd prefer to keep my top on!

      I also am very particular about the bikini bottoms I buy. I am not a fan of the string bikini because I always feel like I'm exposed. I guess I'm paranoid that the strings on my bottoms are gonna get caught on something. One of my favorite bikini bottom's are the ruched low rise hipkini bottoms found at Victoria's Secret. I feel like they cover me enough so I don't feel self conscience. Plus they have a mix and match line that allows you to buy the bottoms in a variety of colors and patterns. I have mixed and matched with other stores too, buying a Victoria's Secret bottom and matched it with a top I found at Target or Macy's. 

    Since summer is winding down, I have found that a lot of bathing suits have been going on sale, so now is the perfect time to stock up for next year (plus you still have a month left of pool parties and barbecues). I recently bought the Target Nautical Bikini featured at the top of my page and its super comfortable. But, I'm still thinking about making one more bathing suit purchase before the summer ends. 

I attached a couple other bathing suits I've been loving lately. 
What is your go to brand for bathing suits?


  1. I love the mint/blue bandeau with a bow! I also hate tanlines but I feel so self conscious in I'll lunge for something and come up topless. Maybe one day someone will figure out a creative solution for our tanning needs that don't involve tanning beds :)

    1. I'm not a fan of tanning beds. Really would love to find a way to stay tan in the winter (scientists can put a man on the moon but cant find a way to keep me tan all year long!? haha)

  2. I almost always buy bathing suits from target because of the price! I was scared of bandeaus for the longest time but I've actually grown to love them (and I'm blessed in the chest area)! xx

  3. The Target one at the top is so cute! I love that color combination

  4. Can you give advice on a bathing suit for us ladies with a smaller top but curvier bottom!? I'm super self conscious so I want to be comfortable!


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