Monday, August 5, 2013

These (Rain) Boots Are Made For Walking

    We have had a very odd summer in the northeast. One week its beautiful, sunny and 80 degree's and the next week its raining and gross. Back when I was in Siena it was crucial that you had a pair of rain boots because the campus always flooded in the spring. I cant tell you how many times I had to sit through class with wet feet because I had yet to get myself a pair of rain boots. My problem was that I HATED the tacky boots so many of the girls were wearing, they just were not my style. To this day I am still not a fan of the boots with the designs on them like rainbow polka dots or cartoon animals. Instead, I prefer rain boots that look like regular boots, basic colors that can go with anything you have on. 
My ALDO rain boots

     I searched all over for the perfect pair of boots for not a lot of money because I knew once rainy season was over, I most likely would not be wearing my rain boots that often. My perfect pair came to me at the ALDO outlets in Wrentham Massachusetts. The reason I loved them so much was because they fit my calf really well, I didn't like a baggy boot and they are not made of that typical shiny rain boot material. They're matted and almost appear like leather instead of rubber so there were plenty of times that I wore them in the office instead of changing out of them when I got to work. 
    My friend Megan fell in love with the Hunter rain boots that you see in all the fashion magazines and I have to admit they really are great looking boots. They're classic and will never go out of style, however, they're super expensive ($140) and sometimes it's hard to rationalize spending $140 on a pair of rain boots because, you really will only wear them if mother nature decides to open up the skies. So I told her I would research a variety of different rain boots at a cheaper price!
Macy's Rain Boots

     First of all I found a ton of cute rain boots on the Macy's website (of course), as I have said many times before I always check Macy's first because they offer coupons, so even though I put the prices next to the rain boots I found at Macy's, you would pay even less if you used a 20% off or a $20 off of $50 coupon. My favorites at Macy's were the Tommy Hilfiger Lace up boots because I thought they were really different looking and they came in two classic colors, black and hunter green. I also loved the Dirty Laundry Biker boots because they looked pretty similar to my ALDO boots and the Sperry Top-Sider boots because they had that preppy feel to it with the quilted sides. 

     After I checked Macy's, I looked for discounted Hunter Boots for Megan and I found a pair of Latte colored ones on Zappos for $97 and also a variety of other ones on Amazon. I also found a pair of Kamik Jennifer boots that are spot on twins of the Hunter boots on Piperlime for only $65. The Kamik Jennifer boots had all the traditional colors you would look for in a rain boot so you would have a variety of colors to choose from. Finally, I ended my search where my search originally began, on the ALDO website. I didnt see anything similar to the boots I own but I did see short black patent leather-like rain boots that would be nice if you're looking for a shorter boot instead of knee length.

What are you favorites?

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