Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bracelet Holder

        I've been working on organizing my closet and accessories so they are more visible. As I mentioned before, I'm guilty of the out of sight out of mind mentality and because my closet is chuck full of stuff it's easy for things to slip by me. Last month I bought this great necklace holder on Amazon, but I still continued my hunt for a display for my bracelets. Well, I finally found one... actually I found two. I find some of my best deals when Amazon shows you "Products you may also like"... The black velvet T-bar was on sale (deal of the day) for $2.50, but since I own a lot of bracelets and the bar itself isn't really big I decided to buy two. Since I bought it from a private seller it won't be arriving for a couple of weeks, but it's definitely worth the wait for the deal I got, with shipping my total came to $8.00! Now if I could only find a way to organize my handbags....

How do you organize your jewelry?


  1. I have this HUGEEE chest that I absolutely LOVE! It was pretty expensive - I got it for a holiday gift - but it's totallyyy worth it. Everything has a place and is all in the same spot!

    <3, Charlotte

    1. Ugh, I'm jealous... I really need to get myself organized.

  2. I really need to organize too! My jewelry space is a wreck!


  3. I'm am totally guilty of the out of sight out of mind mentality. I need to organize my closet and jewelry! I love the idea of the Bracelet T-Bar!



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