Friday, August 9, 2013

Closet Organization

      I hate when I read a magazine article about closet organization and they give me all these stupid suggestions under the assumption that I have a full walk in closet that would allow me to have a full wall display of shoes. It's super unrealistic and most of us have a typical sized closet where we attempt to fit all of our stuff in it while still being able to sift through the styles inside. My room is tiny and I really have no where to put half of the stuff I own, mainly because I have a serious problem and always buy when I don't need to. But, I do try and stay as organized as possible because otherwise you could end up in Narnia if you dig too deeply in my closet. I prefer to be able to see everything on display because I realized early on that if I don't see it, I'll forget about it and wont wear it so I try my best to keep organized and have clothes readily available. 
         In addition to my closet  I have two dressers in my room that I reserve solely for items that I could not possible fit in my closet. In my first dresser all of my drawers are filled with some form of pants. Every pair of jeans I own, shorts, sweatpants, linens, colored jeans, work pants and leggings fill this dresser and although I would prefer to have them on display too (because I am guilty of wearing whatever jeans are on top) this is my best case scenario. My second dresser holds all my under-things, pajamas, socks and a drawer that I use as a random... it mostly consists of tee-shirts I got in college, Saratoga tees, you know the baggy shirts that you just have hanging around that are just randoms from different events in your life? I really should get rid of it and find a better way to utilize the drawer but my dresser is so old and its tough to open and close so I just don't really care.
Where all the magic happens
      Now my closet is my pride and joy but I really need to make some changes so I can get more bang for my buck. I do utilize some basic tips that I feel most people do like changing out my closet for the seasons. The picture above shows my summer closet which consists of mostly dresses, skirts, tee shirts and sleeveless tops. I try and keep a couple blazers and long sleeved blouses on the left hand side for chilly nights or a cover up for work but the majority of items in there gets put away once the fall weather arrives. I also use a tee-shirt hanger that I place in the middle of the closet. It hangs down and I place all of my tank tops and tee's in there for easy reach. I could never hang up every tank top and tee shirt I owned because I would never have enough room. I like this tee-shirt hanger because it gives me more space in my closet but sometimes I does make some of my shirts a little wrinkly.
      On the bottom of my closet I have a big wicker basket that holds most of my purses. I hate this because I have a hard time looking through it and the stuff at the bottom, typically stays at the bottom falling into some kind of purse purgatory. I just don't have the space to make a change. On my top shelf I keep some of my more expensive purses and commonly used bags/clutches. But, I need to make some serious changes. For one I need a product to better organize my scarves and belts (which are currently hidden in the pink and blue bins on my top shelf). I also need a way to better utilize the lime green bin at the bottom of my closet. It has clear bins so I can find things easily, I just cant think of something to put in it. 

      So, I've been researching different ways to better organize my stuff and I found that the Container Store had a lot of great products that I plan on using in the future. Firstly, I loved this belt ring. You could hang it on your closet rod and it displays all your belts while giving easy access to them when you want one. I also am debating whether to put all my scarves in the green bin or buy one of these scarf hangers where you can display all your options on one hanger that you can take out of your closet and look at. 

      I also really need a better way to organize my shoes and purses but unfortunately I just don't have the space to do it. Some of the products that I desperately need from the Container Store are the shoe racks because right now all of my shoes are lined up on my floors but these racks would allow me to display, get them off the floor and take up less space. The 30 pair shoe rack reminds me of a shopping mall but for someone who had several shoes could definitely use it, plus I was thinking that you could use some type of fun fabric to cover it like a shoe curtain! I also liked this purse hanger that displayed your purses and prevented them from getting crushed. 
What are your closet organization tips and secrets?!


  1. I love shoe racks! I'm moving to an apartment with a smaller closet and I'm scared!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Trying to give good tips that apply to everyone! Really enjoyed your blog as well! :)

  2. completely agree with the crazy suggestions for walk-in closets! not realistic at all!

    Rachel @

  3. Have you tried looking at Ikea closet organization? I recently got a scarf/belt hanger from there called KOMPLEMENT that I display on my wall outside my closet. I'm able to see the accessories I own, plus the printed scarves and leather belts look really cute on my wall :)

    Here's the one I got! It's not too expensive considering the use you'll get out of it. I love the braided texture to it, it's so unique.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely check the Ikea website! I'm always looking for new ideas to save me some space!
      - Alex


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