Monday, August 19, 2013

Polo's Pony Canvas Bags

      Recently I was digging through my closet and I found these Polo bags that I bought when I was in high school. This is one of the reasons I hate the way I store my bags, because I forget about things when they are out of sight. I have so much stuff shoved into my closet that need to see what's in my closet to remember whats in it. I was super excited with my find because it was like getting a brand new bag! The totes are not super big but they hold the typical items (wallet, sunglasses, keys, etc) and moving items from my big purse to a smaller tote helped me clean out the non-essentials, which was good. The one thing I need to look into are ways I can clean the totes. The light yellow bag on the left with the seersucker handles is a little dirty from use... does anyone know a good way to clean canvas?!

     Finding these two bags in my closet inspired me to research other cute Polo Ralph Lauren canvas totes. I know that I bought those two at the outlets. I was looking online for bags and I especially loved the multi-colored pony bags I came across, it gives a fun preppy vibe. These canvas totes are a little bigger than the ones I own and the black would be perfect if you want to conceal dirt. 

    These two bags are similar to the one's I own. I'm a big fan of black and bright yellow together, they did have other black bags with different colored polo's but the yellow was my favorite. Another color combo I love is navy, pink and white and I thought the striped tote was unique. The best part about all of these totes is that you can buy them online for $50 or you can go to your local outlets because they always have similar polo totes in the stores.

What have you dug out of your closet that you forgot you had?!


  1. I like these a lot! One time I was searching through some boxes and found an old Jonas Brothers bag that had like $10 in it! It is amazing all the things I have boxed up!


  2. I love those polo bags- they're one of those classic preppy pieces that will never go out of style :)


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