Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Day at the Races

My track outfit: 
Michael Kors dress, Kate Spade & J Crew Bracelets, Ray-Bans, and Tommy Bahama Flip Flops
      Last weekend was super busy and filled with so many outfit changes. It was my boyfriend's birthday weekend and he had a friend coming up from Boston so we had lots of celebration events to attend. The big event was on Saturday, when we went up to Saratoga Race Track for the day. I'm not big on betting, I'd rather spend my money on my closet than on a horse but I do like going up to Saratoga a couple times during the summer to watch the horses and see all the fashion. So after being at the track, I was inspired to do a "Day at the Races" post highlighting some fun outfits to wear at the track.

      Today I will focus on the dress aspect of the Saratoga fashion because typically most girls wear dresses to the track on the weekends because it's this big social event for you to show off your Sunday best! Lilly Pulitzer is perfect for the races because it incorporates two big trends that are popular at Saratoga: bright color and patterns. I love this long maxi dress and it would definitely stand out while you're sitting in the grand stand sipping drinks. I added the picture of the back of the dress because I really like the bow detail. You can tell by the tiny details that this is a well made dress.
     I normally spend most of my time outside at the track, I prefer being able to walk around, look at all the different vendors and stand outside at the rail to watch the horses race by which is why I typically don't like to wear maxi dresses to the track. I'm one of those people that would get too hot having all that extra fabric hanging on the bottom of my legs. Sun dresses are always a good choice at the Saratoga because they're light and airy. I love these two dresses I found at Lulu's because they have that typical sundress style with a twist. Cut-outs are very in style this year so I love the lavender dress with the side-cut outs. It allows you to show a little skin without being too racy. The pinkish/red dress on the right had a great built in belt that gives you some shape.

    Francesca's had a lot of cute track dresses as well. It's all about finding a fun sun dress with a twist to add some personality. I love the colors of the two dresses above (navy and white combination is a favorite of mine, if you cant tell by the color scheme of my blog). Again a fun pattern and a touch of lace makes a basic sun dress stand out in the crowd. Solid colored dresses also give you a variety of choices in accessories to mix and match with. 

    One thing I did notice a lot of at the track on Saturday was maxi skirts paired with a basic tank top. This look seemed so effortless but so many of the girls with their long flowy skirts looked really pretty. I found this maxi skirt on ASOS, color blocking is one of my favorite trends because I think its very slimming. 

        Finally, of course you need a big hat to wear to the races. I saw some seriously crazy hats on Saturday that would rival even the weirdest hats the Royal family wears over at Buckingham Palace. It's nice to have a big floppy hat because you're outside all day in the middle of summer and you're bound to be in the sun at some point during the day. You don't want to be sweating, so keeping your face shaded helps. I love this Marley and Lilly monogrammed hat because it is designed specifically for you. They have literally every color trim possible, but since navy is one of my favorite colors the one pictured above was my favorite. You can also add a sash to your hat that goes around the base. 

What is your favorite racetrack look?



  1. my favorite racetrack look would definitely be a Lilly dress, a cute hat, and heels or my Jack Rogers :)


    1. I would love to wear wedges to the track but sometimes the ground can be uneven and I don't want to break an ankle. But, you're right, Jack Rogers would be perfect for the track!

  2. LOVE the anchor maxi! I have never even tried on a maxi dress because I didn't think it would be flattering. But I am thinking about trying one now that I see so many in nautical patterns

    1. I totally agree with worrying about flattering maxi dresses, it took me so long to succumb to the maxi dress trend because I am short. But it's all about trying on different styles to see what works for your body type! Plus they're super comfortable!


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