Tuesday, August 20, 2013


       I love my navy Converse sneakers, they are my go-to fall shoe choice once it becomes too cold for flip flops but still too warm for a boot. You know that feeling you have when you put on your favorite worn sweater that you've had for years.... I feel that way with my sneakers. They're sorta dirty and worn in from wearing them so much but I love all the dirt and grime because they carry a lot of memories. I like that my converse are pretty versatile, I can pair them with shorts/jeans or add a little tom-boy attitude and pair them with a skirt. As I've mentioned plenty of times before, I am clumsy and uncoordinated and wearing any type of heel or wedge make my feet hurt pretty quickly, so I would definitely choose a sneaker over a heel any day. 
       I got my first pair of converse sneakers when I was a freshman in college. Even though I had wanted a pair for years I always was holding out because I was worried that they would make my feet look huge because they're a long shoe. I don't even have really big feet (I'm a 7.5), but I was convinced I would look stupid, until my mom finally talked me into it. I've been wearing them ever since!

    I've got quite the sneaker collection and have been really digging the new Keds lines I've seen in stores but I always go back to my converse at my go to sneaker. HauteLook is currently doing a two day sale on converse sneakers. Typically they're about $50 but they're on sale for $30 and they have a bunch of colors and styles. If I hadn't spend so much money at the Lilly online sale this week, I probably would have considered buying a new pair of white converse. 

Whats your favorite sneaker?


  1. I bought a pair of pink sneakers at a local store about a month ago that are great! They don't have a name brand, but they are super cute :)


  2. I wore black and white converse for years (wore a uniform to school). My senior year of high school we could wear colored shoes (senior privilege) and I wore pink converse :)


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