Thursday, August 15, 2013

J Crew Factory New Arrivals

     Yesterday felt like a fall day in the 518, and I was not a fan. I plan on keeping my shorts on until October so this cool trend better not become a permanent fixture, its only August! I did get an email from the J Crew Factory store letting me know all their new arrivals are 30% off and they have free shipping with a code, so I did browse a little.... They had some great pieces that helps with the transition to fall like weather. J Crew had a lot of houndstooth, which I'm not complaining about. I loved the houndstooth blazer above (the J Crew blazers always fit my body really well), they also had a houndstooth sweatshirt that I liked, perfect for those dress down days where you still want to look somewhat presentable. I would like to pair this blazer with the black scalloped lace top and a pair of skinny jeans for a nice dinner date.

     A couple months ago I purchased the pencil skirt above in cobalt blue. I originally wanted it for work purposes and even wore it to an interview with a black blouse but I realized that the pencil skirt can be quite versatile because I also paired it with a black crop top for a birthday celebration with friends. It made me want to own that skirt in every color, so my next conquer will be the green pencil skirt from J Crew, possibly paired with this great statement necklace. Since I'm short I worry about the length of some skirts because I run the risk of my legs looking short too but these pencil skirts are super flattering. 

     I hate the idea of buying sweaters but I loved this color block teal and navy sweater that was also on the new arrivals list. I own other waffle sweaters from J Crew from past seasons and they were nice for the office because they weren't super heavy so I didn't get overheated. Finally, although I am currently saving up for a different invitation clutch, I thought this cheaper version found at the factory store was also cute. You can really never go wrong with a good leather bag.

Whats your favorite "factory"store?


  1. I love J. Crew Factory! They have such great clothes and great prices! I will definitely be checking out their new arrivals today :)


  2. J Crew Factory is amazing- I'll be doing a shopping trip to the outlets tomorrow so I'll have to be sure to check them out :)


  3. I need that color block sweater! I just looked up the houndstooth sweat shirt also super cute!!!

  4. Hey Alex! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :) You can check out the details at my blog!


    1. Thanks so much Hunter! I really appreciate it! I'll get to answering those questions ASAP!
      - Alex

  5. I love the statement necklaces from J. Crew! I really want one!


  6. Love your J.Crew Factory post as well! Great minds think alike!



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