Saturday, August 10, 2013

Four Eyes

      For the past year I have been wearing my glasses full time. When I originally got my glasses I primarily used them to see the classroom board and to see movies in theaters. My eyes, according to my doctor, don't require constant use of glasses but I found that it prevents me from squinting all the time and they can be an additional accessory to whatever I am wearing for the day. I'm currently (attempting) saving my money to get a new pair of glasses that are outside the traditional pairs they give you under your eye insurance. 
       I actually love the glasses I have now, my mom and I have the same pair, but I am looking for a different color frame so I can mix and match based on my mood. I have traditional black glasses with a thicker frame but I really want a pair with tortoise shell frames. So hopefully within the next couple of months I will able to debut my new Ray-Ban Havana Wayfarer's soon (once I decide between the two pairs). I actually don't mind spending a good chunk of change on something that is on my face 12 hours a day. It's a nice little goal for me to save up my money, since I'm not always that great at saving especially when all the new fall clothes are coming out. 

Which pair do you like better?



  1. I've had my Ray Ban glasses for years! They last forever :) I like the top pair best!


    1. Thanks for your advice girl!

  2. I have thick tortoise frames from Coach and I love them! At first my coworkers made fun of me for having "hipster glasses" but they're all boys and they don't count.


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