Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Annual Sale

       So the Lilly Pulitzer summer sale started on Monday at 8am and I was ready. I set my alarm for 7:30am, made my account the day before with all my information so I wouldn't have to worry the day of the sale and I checked the Lilly Facebook page to see what types of sales I could expect. I was ready to scoop up some deals! And then at approximately 8:01am the site crashed...again...and again...and again.  I'm sure I looked pretty crazy just throwing items into my shopping bag whenever I could get on the site without really thinking about it. I decided to, as Carrie Underwood would say, "Let Jesus Take the Wheel" and I was just gonna buy stuff and worry about my credit card later. I was super lucky in the sense that I was able to get all my items into my "Checkout Tote" within the first half hour but I was unlucky in the sense that 4 hours later I still could not check out. I came so close so many times, getting all my information confirmed and exactly at the moment I hit "Place my Order" I got the dreaded "Oh Shift" page handed back to me. The WORST.
The kiss of death
       I was checking the Facebook page and realized that thousands of other people were in the same boat. It was like a little frustrated Lilly community that all rallied behind one another (Ladies Unite)! Around 11:30 (3.5 hours of refreshing my page every 5 seconds later)... Lilly closed the website. Now I was happy they were shutting down to try and resolve the issues, but I was worried all of my items in my shopping bag would delete and I would have to start from scratch. So I took a half hour break, checking the Facebook page occasionally for updates. Then, out of nowhere some girl posted "the site is back up" and I immediately got right back into my shopping bag, all my stuff was there, and I made my purchase. No problem. Then I immediately got up and did a dance, high-fived myself and hugged Misa because she was the only one home. 

    I ended up getting 3 items, the Delia dress in the white spring fling pattern, a shoreline tote and a bangle in the same pattern as my dress. Plus I got such a good deal on everything... and I debated forever whether I should buy more bangles since they were only $14 and a Posey dress (which is still available in my size). I originally really wanted the Tria maxi dress but while I was waiting for the site to load I looked at a bunch of reviews and many people said that the fit was weird...since everything was final sale, I didn't want to take the chance of the maxi being too big on me, so I'll just have to wait and see if I can find it in stores, oh well.

So friends, how did you make out with the Lilly Sale? 
Feel free to share your horror stories or triumphs!


  1. I love that Delia dress! The Lilly sales were fantastic this year (aside from the website crashing)
    Unfortunately, Lilly doesn't ship to Canada so I couldn't order anything :( probably a blessing in disguise because I would have ordered like 20 things :P


  2. It sucks that the site kept on crashing though. Whenever there's a massive sale online it's sadly the envitable to have something go wrong when your trying to place your order, but you still managed to get some really cute items!

  3. Love your finds! They are having such a great sale, it has just made my week!


  4. Two years in a row I haven't had issues ordering when it first goes live. I don't feel guilty because 8 AM Lilly time is 5 AM here so it better not crash after I've gotten up that early!


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