Saturday, August 3, 2013

Holographic Swoon

     In two of my fashion magazines I received this week they highlighted a new fall trend: Holographic accessories. I've been searching and searching online and everything that I saw has already been sold out or it's super super expensive. So I'm on the hunt for the perfect holographic clutch or pair of flats. I really like the idea that the hologram reflects all different colors so you can mix and match the bag with a variety of outfit choices. This trend reminds of my childhood when I was always on the hunt for holographic Pokemon cards, guess this shows I haven't matured much since 5th grade.
     I love love love this Stella McCartney Hologram Clutch but its sorta over our budgets ($400) and its completely sold out everywhere I looked...boohiss

      I'll keep you posted if I find anything in a reasonable price range that isn't completely sold out. I think they will start popping up in the stores more once all the new fall lines start to come out.
Aren't these Tory Burch Heels ($425) PERFECT? Ugh why can't I be rich?!

**UPDATE** I found a holographic clutch on the ASOS Marketplace for $31. I think I am going to order it assuming I don't find one at the mall when I go today. 


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