Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Biker Chick

My Favorite Fall Jacket
       Leather is all over the stores for fall and I cannot be happier. I love the tom-boy feel that comes with wearing black leather it makes me feel like I should hop on a motorcycle (instead of jumping into the Golden Bullet). A couple years ago I got this amazing black leather motorcycle jacket from Neiman Marcus. My mom was actually the one to spot it, she knew I was on the hunt for a leather jacket but every jacket I saw in stores just didn't feel right. The one in the Neiman Marcus catalog was on clearance so I got it super cheap despite it being made of good leather, which is always a plus and I was super excited that they still had it in my size. When it arrived on my doorstep and I opened it I knew it was meant to be, it was exactly what I wanted. So I'm excited to put it back into my wardrobe this fall along with some of these other great (some-faux) leather pieces.

     Express is really into the leather trend with many of their new fall pieces containing some type of leather detail. However, keep in mind most of the pieces at Express are faux-leather, its not real leather which means its cheaper haha. I'm skeptical of faux-leather because I think it can look super cheap (especially in jacket form), but it actually looks good in a lot of the products Express put out. If you're not sure you can go full on with the leather trend yet, you should try implementing it into your wardrobe in small amounts. I love the faux-leather color detail on the Express Portofino blouse and the shoulders on the black shoulder tee. It gives an edgy look to a otherwise feminine top.

     Leather is also making its way into the office! I found these two skirts that use the leather trend in different ways. On the left, a leather skirt at Banana Republic (its pricey because its real leather) may look racy but if paired with a soft blouse it can go from daytime wear to a night out with friends, and on the right a black pencil skirt with faux-leather trim from Talbots has a classic look. My mom has already proclaimed that she's buying the Talbots skirt next time we make our way up to Stuyvesant Plaza, which is okay with me so I can borrow it. 
     Finally, I recently purchased these faux-leather side panel leggings from Express a couple weeks ago. I've wanted leggings with a leather detail for a long time but I could never find a pair that looked good. I once tried on a pair of Kardashian faux-leather leggings at Sears (my first mistake) and nearly died when I couldn't get them off of my legs. It was a moment of sheer panic when I thought I was gonna have to cut them off my body in the dressing room. Needless to say, I didn't buy them and kept up my search for a pair that actually looked good on me. These Express leggings only has the leather on the side of the leg so they give you breathing room so I recommend them. 

Also loving this Michael Kors Leather Bag. Looks like a briefcase! 

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