Friday, August 2, 2013

When You Wish Upon A Star...

      Today marks the one year anniversary of my trip to Disney World with my cousins. Those who say Disney World is the happiest place on earth are not lying, but its also the most exhausting place on earth. I had so much fun in Disney and made so many memories but the entire trip was go-go-go, I barely had any time to catch my breath and take it all in. It was the first time I had been to Disney since I was super little (5th grade) and so much had changed since then. I made sure I did my research ahead of time, watched plenty of Samantha (Megan) Brown on the Travel Channel to get my list of must see attractions, and made my dinner reservations a month in advanced so I could ensure we all go to eat at the restaurants we wanted without having to wait in line. 
      When I got home from Disney, it felt like a whirlwind. We had done 7 parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure) in 6 days and when I finally sat down and looked through all my pictures I was shocked at how much we accomplished with such a large group of people. My favorite park wasnt even located in Disney, it was Islands of Adventure. The Harry Potter and Marvel Superhero sections were amazing and they had so many great rides for all of us to enjoy. If I had to pick my favorite Disney Park it would be Hollywood Studios. I think they do a great job combining rides and other attractions for guests, plus Fantasmic was amazing. 
      I would love to go back again with a big group of friends this time because I think we would all have a ball. So friends, start saving your money for Disney World 2018 (SET IN STONE!). I think its important to take trips with your friends. Go out and do something different and make memories you will never forget. I hope that once I get my feet on the ground and start making some cash, I'll have more opportunities to plan nice vacations with friends without worrying about how I will pay for it all. 

Whats your favorite Disney attraction?

Check out the family video I made documenting our trip!

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