Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Warby Parker Concentric and Winter Collections

The new year is a perfect excuse to change up your look and try something new. Personally, my goal is to invest in a new pair of glasses since my face is the first thing someone will notice. Whenever I'm looking for a new pair of lenses I always turn to Warby Parker so when they contacted me to check out their new Concentric and Winter collections I jumped at the opportunity. Warby Parker are incredibly creative when it comes to designing their frames. Long gone are the days of boring specs (or even wearing contacts for that matter) because their designs are real show stoppers. Before I discovered Warby Parker I was limited to the glasses options at my local chain optical stores and I was always so bored by their selection of frames. They always lacked daring colors, fun frames and stylish looks so Warby Parkers collections quickly became the answer to my prayers. You all know how much I love my Ainsworth Warby Parker glasses but now I think it's time to invest in a new pair from their new collections. On a side note: their customer service is amazing, when I ordered my first pair I had a million questions regarding my order, and the WB team always got back to me promptly and offered plenty of insight.
You can shop my Warby Parker Ainsworth glasses here.

Their Winter Collection is all about representing those cold weather hues: woodsy browns, ice and grey skies. They offer six new rich tones and eight different frame shapes that will compliment your new adventurous outlook for 2015. The best part? The winter collection is super affordable, only $95 for their single vision prescription glasses (or non-prescription sunglasses) and $150 for their single vision prescription sunglasses, which is almost impossible to find anywhere else. The Concentric Collection is all about adding those extra special details. These frames offer a stunning ring of color around each lens, a special detail you won't find anywhere else. They come in three new styles: the Benchley, Murphy and Everly and come in a variety of colors including Whistler Grey, Hazelnut, Flint and Fjord Blue and start at around $145 per prescription pair.

Okay, enough of my gushing... lets look at some of my favorites from these collections:
Winter Collection:

Concentric Collection:

Since I'm already sick of winter and it's only January, I decided to design a look around the gorgeous Warby Parker Everly sunnies in Windswept. These glasses would be the perfect accessory for a spring break vacation someplace warm. They would be a stand out on the beach or on a daytime bike ride around town.
Tote // Cover Up // Sandals

Whats your favorite frame from the new Warby Parker collections?


  1. love me some warby parker!!! i am swooning over the pair you have---adorable! i'm so tempted to get another pair!

  2. Great glasses! Such an awesome company!

  3. I know how much you love your Warby Parker's! They look great on you!

    Ivy xx

  4. Beautiful glasses! I love the Warby Parker company!


  5. They look so good on you! I don't pull off glasses nearly as well as you do, so I stick to contacts haha!



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