Monday, January 26, 2015

Here Comes The Sun

Please note these photos we're taking last Friday on my day off. I typically take my outfit photos on the weekend so I have time to edit them and schedule them to post before the work week ahead. However, all the outfit photos are outfits that I either wear during the weekend or plan to wearing sometime during the week, so everything is authentic. Anyways, I hadn't planned to take photos last Friday but when I looked outside and it was actually sunny out, a rare occurrence in the 518 lately I decided to seize the opportunity and soak up the vitamin D. 
Regarding the outfit, I was eager to finally style this buffalo check vest from J Crew. You see, I had asked for it for Christmas but it was no where to be found in stores and online it was backordered until February 3rd. I still wanted it though, because the freezing January temperatures meant that I probably wouldn't be wearing the vest anyways until we got a few warmer days. Luckily for me, I called J Crew last week to check on my order and they decided to overnight my vest for me, hooray! This vest is perfect for days I'm running errands or going shopping because there is nothing I hate more than wearing my heavy winter coat inside while I'm shopping because the mall is always a million degrees. 
Today is an exciting day for me because I get to pick up my new car at the dealership! These past few weeks have been such an inconvenience for me and my family while shuffled cars, dealt with the (insufferable) insurance company and dealt with all the other nonsense that happens after you total your car in Massachusetts. I'm happy to get back to normal and put this crash behind me. I feel like such an adult today because this was the biggest purchase I have ever made (besides paying for my Masters degree, of course). I'm hoping my pretty Honda Civic will carry me through many more adventures. 
PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Marge, I know you're reading. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Vest // Chambray Shirt // Striped Top J Crew Factory, old similar
Leggings // Necklace Macys, old similar
Crossbody Fossil, old similar // Sunglasses Wantable Bag similar
Combat Boots Nine West, old similar


  1. loving this look!!! ENJOY your new car :)

  2. Vests are everywhere lately! I really need to invest in one. Although if it's going to stay in the 50's for the rest of the winter, I won't really need one... which is fine with me :P
    I know I said it before, but yay for the new car! :)


  3. such a cute outfit, Alex! and that's so exciting about your new car!! :)

  4. I have that vest and I love it! Great outfit!


  5. Love the vest! And congrats on your new wheels! ;)

    xo, Laura

  6. I love that vest and you are so lucky to get your hands on it! I have been SO into vest recently! I just love them! And I am so glad you get your new car soon! I actually got one too!!! :) Ill be posting about it soon!

    Love Always,


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