Saturday, July 20, 2013

Watch Out

      Although I don’t own a watch, I do love the way they look on other people. One of these days I’m going to splurge and get myself a nice watch that is timeless (no pun intended) and will be something I can use for the rest of my life. My friend Dana suggested I write a post on watches so I started to do some research on some cute affordable watches and some more extravagant ones! So many of the watches I saw came in a variety of colors so you could match them to different outfits!

     Macy's had so many fun watches; I had a hard time choosing my favorites. The best thing about Macy’s is that you can use a coupon and get your for even cheaper than they are advertised for. Even if you don’t get Macy’s coupons mailed to you (as a frequent shopper I always get 20% off coupons in the mail) they are always in the newspaper and flyers that come on Sundays too! Also twice a year they do a special "friends and family sale" that allows you to take 25% of all purchases, even the designer brands that are typically off limits for coupons. This could help you score a more expensive watch for less!

Michael Kors Navy Watch, $250.00:
Kate Spade Hot Pink Watch, $150.00:
Target Tortoise Shell Watch, $14.99:
Nine West Leopard Watch, $49.00:
Style & Co. Turquoise Watch, $29.98:

Happy Shopping

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