Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heir At Last

As you may have heard, the Royal baby was born yesterday! Kate Middleton gave birth to Britain’s future king and all is well with mother and baby. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for a girl because who wouldn’t love another queen?
Twitter was blowing up yesterday with some of the funniest tweets about the impending baby and speculation on what they will name the baby.  I love a good Game of Thrones reference so my favorite tweet of the day came from former producer of the Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara, who tweeted: “It’s a long shot but I’m thinking the name will be Joffrey" (Lets hope not!).
I was asked to dedicate today’s post to the new addition to the royal family so I looked for some of my favorite fashion items with a Royal Family/British theme. My personal favorites are from Disney Couture, they have really creative jewelry with a Disney Twist. No matter what your favorite movie they have a product associated with it and they have a section dedicated to Disney princesses, which is basically the life Kate Middleton lives on a daily basis anyways right?!
 Check it out!


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