Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bright and Bold: Neon

     I love anything neon! There is nothing like a hot pink tank top or a lime green necklace to bring out an outfit. Bright neon’s have been my go-to wardrobe choice for the past two summers because they always accentuate my tan. Although not everyone has a love of all things neon like I do there are still several simple ways you can incorporate neon into your wardrobe without going overboard. Instead of piling on all the colors all at once (and risk getting mistaken for a bad 80’s costume), I try to use one neon item as a pop of color against neutrals (black, white and navy). This helps make an ordinary outfit more interesting. 

     Don’t forget, if you’re looking to introduce neon into your wardrobe but those neon tops or bring skinny jeans are too out there for you, picking up neon colored jewelry pieces, bright pair of sunglasses or shoe help ease you into the neon trend! Check out my neon Keds I picked up at Macy’s a couple weeks ago. They helped brighten up my plain black tank top and jean shorts.


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