Monday, July 29, 2013


     My weekend was super busy. I started my Friday with lunch with my other half followed by a spontaneous trip to the Saratoga race track with his family. I have to admit I am not a spontaneous person, I like plans and lists and set times (preferably weeks in advanced), but I was glad Chris suggested we go because I had a lot of fun with him and even won a couple bucks. I ended my Friday with drinks with Chris and some of my best friends at JJ's. Again it was a spontaneous trip but I was glad I made it. 
     On Saturday, I got up early and made my way to my uncles house because my cousin was home from Chicago. My cousin only comes home twice a year so basically when he's in town the world comes to a stop and everyone heads in his direction to hang out. The best part about my cousin, Josh, coming into town is that I not only get to have a mini reunion with him but all of his friends who come to hang out as well. His friends have become second-family to me because we grew up together. Having all of my cousin, our friends, and their significant others who I consider family all in one place is such a wonderful feeling. Since I am an only child my cousins are my siblings and I love them just as much. I speak to my most of my cousins on a daily basis so when were all in a room together reunited it feels like the universe is aligned. 
Harry Potter World 2012 with my cousins (ignore the sweaty-ness)

      So I spent my Saturday afternoon by the pool with my family, playing pool volleyball and eating mountains of Italian food. It was such a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. Now typically, as I mentioned earlier, when my cousin is home I don't typically leave his side. But yesterday was also my good friend Nicole's birthday party. So I packed up my pool gear and left my cousins behind as I went home to change to go out and get drinks with friends. I was super overwhelmed and this was the first time in awhile that I wish I had a body double so I could be in two places at once. I love my friends so much and never want to turn down and opportunity to be with them and celebrate, but since time is so limited with my cousin, I felt so guilty leaving. Luckily I was able to spend a couple hours at the bar with my friends having fun and making memories and then scoot back out to my uncles to end the night playing board games with my cousins. 
My BFF's: Tina, Meg, Nicole & Dana

     I am not really a sappy person but I realized today that I got to spend my weekend with everyone that I love. I felt grateful that I have so many wonderful family and friends that I get to spend time with and sad that not every weekend can feel like this one. These are the important things in life more so than anything else and I need to continue to focus my life to make sure I spend as much time as possible with those who make me happy. So sorry for digressing from my usual fashion post but I thought I would share because there really are more important things than getting a fabulous designer dress for a discount. 

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