Friday, July 12, 2013

Maximum Style


       Maxi dresses have been in style for the past couple of years and I always looked at them in stores and admired them. They always seemed perfect for the late night dinner or drinks where you wanted to wear a dress but didn’t want to worry about your legs getting cold when the sun goes down. However, I was pretty resistant to buy them because I thought that they only looked good on tall people. With my 5’4 height I assumed that a long maxi dress would consume me and drag on the ground unless I wore tall heels. I was wrong. Although some maxi dresses really do not work for my frame, it’s all about experimenting with different silhouettes and patterns. Without a doubt I need to try on a maxi dress before I buy it, but I found some dresses that I absolutely love!
       Personally, I need a maxi dress with some sort of cinched waist giving my short frame some sort of shape (without it I look like I am wearing a garbage bag). If the dress isn’t cinched I will belt it. Also I prefer a dress that leaves my shoulders exposed, since the rest of my body is covered, I like to show some skin on top. Finally, its important I check out the length of the maxi. Some maxi’s are just too long. I need a maxi dress I can wear with flat sandals because the thought of me in heels with a long dress that I can trip on is a recipe for disaster (or at least a broken ankle). Try them on and if you fall in love with a dress that it too long get it altered, but never wear it dragging on the ground, it just looks messy.  So short girls rejoice we can jump into the trend without feeling self-conscious!


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