Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life is Short...Buy the Shoes

      As much as I wish I was that girl who can wear sky high stiletto's out on the town for hours, I am not. I can barely make it through a dinner sitting down with a pair of heels on, plus I'm super uncoordinated and I trip myself up with a pair of sneakers on so its best that I keep my feet placed firmly on the ground. When I was doing my internship I stocked up on different pairs of flats to match with my outfits. I have a pair of plain basic black flats but I found that it really pulled my ensemble together if I had on a jazzy flat. 
     The problem with flats though is sometimes they can be as uncomfortable as heels are so it's important that they compliment your foot and don't give you blisters. One year for Christmas I got these amazing leopard print Coach ballet flats. They were so cool looking with the calf hair making up the leopard pattern. I had been on a hunt for the perfect leopard flat and they were exactly what I envisioned in my mind. Unfortunately they were super uncomfortable and gave me really bad blisters. I tried wearing them with socks around the house to break them in but to no avail it just wasn't going to work. So I learned my lesson and even if I love a pair of shoes, if they aren't comfortable, I just wont buy them. 

     On the other hand, I am a big fan of the phrase "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!" The J Crew Factory store has these amazing Cece suede ballet flats in every color you can ever imagine and when they first came out over a year ago, I vowed to own a pair. Unfortunately they were super over priced ($98) and I refused to pay that for a pair of flats. I really wanted the cobalt blue pair and kept my eye on them for months waiting for them to go on sale and one weekend they had a huge clearance close out and I got them for $30! I was super excited and when I brought them home I wore them everywhere. They were so comfortable and were made of good leather. This is where my addiction set in and since then, every time I go to the outlets I buy another pair in a different color. The best part?! I have not paid more than $35 for them! They even started putting out similar versions of the Cece Flat in patent leather and regular leather so I've been snatching them up as well. I would honestly recommend the J Crew Factory ballet flat to anyone and everyone, do yourself a favor and please go buy a pair.
My collection of J Crew Cece's and Anya's

      Macy's is also another great place to find some cute and comfortable flats. As I mentioned in previous posts, the best part about Macy's is their coupons. I'm pretty sure I have never paid full price for anything at Macy's which is amazing. Another cool thing about Macy's is if they don't have your shoe size in stock they will order it for you online for free shipping (NEVER buy something online at Macy's on your own because you will pay shipping, instead go to the store and ask the sales woman to order it). Macy's has a huge selection of Sperry's that are comfortable and great for the office or a day out. I think I'm going to be brave this year and buy a pair of Oxford Flats that lace up. I've seen them in a lot of magazines and although they're sorta masculine, I think they would look good with a pair of rolled skinny jeans and a button up. 
Sperry and Lucky Brand Flats at Macy's

      Finally, I'm a big fan of ALDO shoes, and their another place that I would recommend having them order your shoe/size if they dont have it in stores because you'll get free shipping. I especially love their
clearance rack because you can get flats out of season flats for dirt cheap and put them in the back of your closet for next year. 
The red flats from ALDO have a Jaguar decal

J Crew Cece Suede Ballet Flats (FYI You'll pay less if you go to the outlets)

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