Saturday, July 13, 2013

Soak up the Sun

        Listen, I know the sun is bad for you but I can’t help it, lying in the sun all day during the summer is my favorite thing to do. Tanning in the pool does have its benefits, for one, I’ve been headed to the pool on weekends instead of the mall, which definitely helps my bank account (or lack of bank account). Plus, there’s nothing like a summer glow on your skin, it makes my clothes look nicer on me and it makes me feel better about myself. Even though I am a sun worshipper, I still do my best to take care of my skin during these hot months. Without proper care my skin can get super dry and I am not invincible from skin peeling (yuck!). I’m not one of those girls with a million different beauty products but I do rely on 4 main products to keep my skin moisturized and my body refreshed after a day in the pool.

     1.    Banana Boat After Sun Lotion: This is one thing my mother and I swear    by during these summer months. The lotion contains Aloe Vera and keeps my skin from drying out. I cover my body in it after a shower and reapply it throughout the day if I was in the sun all day. The lotion is super thick and goes on kind of weird (you really have to rub it in), but trust me it works wonders. Plus its not expensive and you can pick it up at the local Target.

     2.    Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm: I am guilty of not always using sunscreen (I know I know…) but I do try and keep my lips protected. For some reason my lips get super chapped and dry in the summer (which is typically a winter problem for most people). I hate any type of lip-gloss that is sticky, but this Burt’s Bee’s feels just like minty chap stick.

     3.    A Good Facial Moisturizer: I once went to get a facial at a spa and the woman asked me if I ever put body lotion on my face. After I admitted that when my face gets dry I typically apply some Lubriderm, she scolded me and told me to NEVER use body lotion on my face. Apparently putting body lotion on your face can make your face super greasy, clog pores and causes breakouts (whoopsies). She suggested I try a skin product called Cures by Avance, it’s a face moisturizer that helps combat dry skin. So now my face can combat dry skin without worrying about causing breakouts.

     4.    Sunglasses: I hate having those awful sunglass marks on my face after being in the sun for a while, however I also hate the ways my eyes feel when I don’t wear sunglasses. They always burn like I’ve been crying so important that I protect my eyes. Now, unless I have my eyes closed while I am lying in a float I always keep my sunglasses on. Sometimes protecting your body is a little more important than a silly face tan line.

Happy Sunning!


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