Monday, July 22, 2013

Dirrrty Pop

        Every Sunday a group of my friends get together and watch a television series that we picked as a group. The idea was started when a couple of my friends because obsessed with Game of Thrones. Now I had been watching the series and reading the books since season one and was raving about it begging my friends to check it out. One by one they started catching up on the series and they immediately became just as obsessed as I was. When season 3 was premiering last April we planned to watch the season premier together at someone’s house and it just sorta stuck. From then on every Sunday we went to someone’s house to watch the latest episode.
         The best part is, even though the show was only an hour long, we would hang out before the show started. This allowed us to recap our life events, laugh over the ridiculousness of the weekend and generally just catch up. Typically when my friends and I get together its at a bar somewhere grabbing drinks, but this was a more intimate fun situation that allowed us to just chill out in sweatpants and relax. Once Game of Thrones ended we decided that our Sunday night routine should continue and we picked a new show to watch, the murder mystery reality show Whodunnit. This show is super cheesy and silly but it was just what we needed.
         I host the get-together every 3 weeks (it rotates between three houses) and I am always trying to think of different foods and drinks to put out for my guests. I typically always stick with my go-to’s brownies, cookies, or spinach and artichoke dip but I if this Sunday routine is going to continue I want to get a little more creative. One weekend I made a chocolate chip cookie cake (which didn’t turn out that well because it was rock hard…whoops) but I want something quick and fun to pull together before my guests arrive.
        Since we are together to watch a show we need quick and easy finger food. I found this idea of having a Popcorn Bar and I loved it. Basically you make a big tub of popcorn (cheap and easy) and then buy a bunch of different toppings that your guests can add to their snack, such as assorted popcorn herbs and spices (think the little spices you can buy at the movie theatre), nuts, pretzels, M&M’s, grated cheese, and chocolate and peanut butter chips. I even saw some recipes where people put cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg and icing on popcorn for your own version of a cinnamon bun, it sounds gross but I tried it and its delicious. I thought the Popcorn Bar would be perfect for the summer months because its so hot nobody wants something heavy.

You can even buy colored paper and make paper cones for your guests so they can have their own unique bowl. Bonus: you wont have to do any dishes, you can just throw the cones away at the end of the night! The Popcorn Bar is definitely on my list of things to try during my next night of entertaining. 


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