Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Dream Wish List

        It’s really sick how much of my time is spent looking online at clothes and accessories. I do a lot of day dreaming, looking at pieces I could never afford but sometimes its fun to create your dream closet. At least I know if I ever win the lottery, I already have a list of things that I will be ordering.
            I’m a huge fan of costume jewelry. I get this love from my mother and grandmother who never owned any expensive jewelry, instead opting for bright colored baubles and cheap stones. My favorite place to shop costume jewelry is the Macys clearance rack, you know the one that’s in the back of the store with all the tangled and broken jewelry for 75% off? I’ve found some of the most fabulous finds in the back of the store if you just take the time to weed out all the tacky broken items. I once got this gold Ralph Lauren chained necklace, originally $100 for $15! Of course now costume jewelry has become super popular and many stores have taken on the trend and its not always cheap!

            Here are two necklaces from the new J Crew fall line that I have put on my dream wish list. I love the pink, yellow and baby blue stones on the Technicolor necklace and the orange and blue cord chain on second necklace. There are so many outfits you could mix and match these two pieces with.

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