Friday, July 26, 2013

Tech Finds

        Nowadays we cant live without our electronics, I know that I don’t go anywhere without my phone and when I am home, my laptop isn’t far behind. I am always texting friends, stalking social media, reading up on the latest television spoiler or online shopping so my having my electronics close by is important to me. There are so many ways you can dress up your electronics in the same way you would dress up and outfit you are wearing and most of them are pretty inexpensive.
      I always need some type of case on my electronics because I am clumsy. Don’t you love the sleek way your iPhone (or other smartphone) looks when it’s out of its case? It’s always so nice and shiny. But, if I did that I would end up with a cracked screen by the end of the day so I like to change up my iPhone case as much as possible to keep it fresh and new. Plus it’s a piece of my personality that I get to show off with me wherever I go. I currently have a Lilly Pulitzer phone case that I found on Amazon on my iPhone. I got it on sale and it was cheaper on Amazon than it was on the Lilly website. Kate Spade has a lot of cute iPhone cases as well but I suggest you wait until they have a big sale on their website, or go to the outlets before you make a purchase because its pretty ridiculous to spend $50 on a phone case. 
      My next big phone purchase, really isn’t a big purchase at all, I really want a 10 foot iPhone charge cord. The one that Apple provides you is way to short, and Amazon has all different colors for under $5.00 depending on the buyer and color you choose. I also want to get a backup charger that they have on the J Crew website. It’s a tiny charger that fits right in your purse and can extend your battery life for 5 extra hours. This is perfect for me because I hate carrying around my charger cord with me, it always gets tangled in my bag.

        When searching for electronic accessories I always check Amazon first because they're often a lot cheaper than on other websites. It sometimes takes a little longer to arrive, especially if you bought it from another seller off of Amazon but if you're not in a rush, why not wait a couple extra shipping days to save a couple bucks. Currently, I really need a new Macbook Pro case. I’ve had mine for a couple of years, originally bought it off Amazon, but its starting to crack along the corners and is all scraped up from bringing it everywhere with me (I’ve also caught Misa standing on it on several different occasions as well with her razor nails…ugh).
      I really love the Osaka brand because they offer a variety of colors for your laptop and they're cheap.  The Tiffany Blue case I want to buy is only $14.99, which is right in my budget, especially if it lasts a couple years like my last one. Plus the frosted rubberized cases are easy to snap on and off of your laptop.
Here are some of the other electronic accessories I love!

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