Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fabulous Find: Dogeared Jewelry

        Last Christmas I received a necklace from the company Dogeared and I fell in love with the brand. It was a simple gold chain with a tiny gold dipped dog bone on it. It was created to represent the connection between humans and their dogs and it serves as a reminder of the bond between Misa and myself. The necklace is so simple and it’s a fun accessory to throw on with any outfit.  I originally found the necklace advertised in the Neiman Marcus catalog and dropped plenty of hints to my mom that I would like to see it in my stocking on Christmas morning. I have gotten compliments from so many different people on it and everyone always asks where I got it so today I’m sharing my fabulous find!
            The best part about Dogeared is that is has so many different charms and each of them has a special meaning. They are the perfect birthday gift or holiday gift because you can tailor them to the person you are buying for. In addition to the hundreds of pre-made necklaces to choose from you can also design your own necklace on their website by choosing the chain (with different lengths and designs) and the charm you want. They even have different charms for mothers and sisters so when you’re scrambling for a meaningful gift to give mom for mothers day, this is the website you’re going to want to check out.

            One of my favorite products they have is the “Make a Wish” collection. These have little charms on a silk thread. You're supposed to make a wish on the charm and when the silk thread wears through and breaks off your wish is ready to come true! What a creative idea.

            Here are a couple of my other favorite Dogeared Necklaces!
 Being a sun worshipper myself, I love this necklace that celebrates my favorite season!
Matching friend necklaces anyone?!


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