Saturday, July 20, 2013

Latest Obsession

          Last week while I was in Cape May I was able to do a little shopping in some of the boutiques and stores at the Cape May Washington Street Mall. Typically I don’t buy a lot while I’m there because the stores are mainly touristy-type shops with the tie dye Cape May t-shirts and hoodies, fudge, and souvenirs shops and since we have been going to Cape May every year for the past 15 years, I’ve basically seen it all. But I wandered upon this little clothing store called Victorious and they had some really cute clothing!
  While in the store I found this amazing black skull blouse. I know it’s a little out there and crazy but I originally saw this top as a cardigan on Pinterest over a year ago and fell in love with it, but it was unavailable when I looked for it online. So when that shirt magically appeared in this tiny shop I felt like fate brought us together! Its super sheer but I think it would be cute to pair with a black tank top or bandeau top and white shorts during the summer, or in the winter I could wear it with black leggings. I guess it goes to show you, sometimes the best purchases happen when you least expect it!
This is the version I saw on Pinterest

         If you liked my skull top too I found a similar version of it on the ModCloth website. Attached is the link! 
Skull Blouse 


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