Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Memories

       Despite being an only child, I was never bored growing up because I was always surrounded by family. I basically spent all of my childhood at my grandparent's house and there was always plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles around ready to hang out. I have so many wonderful memories growing up with my cousins but I only realize now that I am grown that we don't have many photos or videos documenting these memories. My grandma hated having her picture taken so its rare to find photos of her and my parents are not the most technological people I know, so taking photos or videos at family events was not a priority for them. I would give anything to look back at past Christmas dinners or birthday parties and laugh (or have a good cry). 
      This is why I started making yearly family videos using my camera. All of my younger cousins are growing up so fast and I want them to be able to look back on the memories we made as kids. I have so much fun making them and looking back on all the stuff we did in a year, I can only imagine how much I'll thank myself when I look back on these videos 20 years down the road. 


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