Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

In addition to my obsession with buying clothes, I also have an obsession with bedding. I always change my comforters and sheets based on the seasons and I have a variety of different pattern and colors. I haven’t bought a new comforter set in years because I don’t really want to waste my money on a new set if eventually I plan on moving out of my house and getting an apartment (and most likely a larger bed- I currently have a full).         
None of this stops me from day dreaming about my future set. I love bright colors and creative patterns. I know one day I will be one of those crazy people with all those stupid decorative pillows all over their bed even though they always end up on the floor when you get into bed anyways. Another problem that deters my bedding purchases is my monster Misa. She always jumps on my bed with muddy paws or with some type of treat or bone in her mouth. It’s almost like she has this uncontrollable need to lie in my bed after hanging out outside in the pouring rain. Of course, we all want what we cant have so I always gravitate towards white or light colored comforters that don’t hide the dirt well.

One place that I always find bedding I love is Pottery Barn Teen. I know it sounds weird that a 23-year-old girl gravitates towards a line created for juniors but they have so many clean patterns that come in sizes as big as a queen. Be forewarned, the bedding can be a little pricey, but they typically don’t sell out so it’s easy to wait until they go on sale. Also if you spend more than $100 they will give you 10% off your first purchase! Plus they have their fair share of decorative pillows, quilts, rugs, and matching curtains to transform your entire room.

Two of my favorite colors together are Navy and White which is why I love love love this Duvet comforter. I would probably switch the sheets in the picture with the Navy Quincy Scalloped Sheets in the picture below and I would add a couple of the decorative pillows as well (I love the monogrammed popsicle pillow!). A girl can dream, right?

Enjoy your beauty sleep!

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