Friday, July 10, 2015

What's In My Luggage: Cape May Edition

My countdown to vacation has finally come to an end. I am one 8 hour work day away from 5 days at the beach. Cape May has been calling my name for months now and I couldnt be more excited to sit by the beach and do absolutely nothing! 
Tonight I will spend my evening packing up my luggage. I already started making a list of exact items I want/need to bring (does anyone else do this?). This way I'm sure I will never forget anything, but this also can cause me to overpack, whoops! This is what is currently on my list of things to pack with me. Also FYI: I have a couple pre-scheduled posts going up while I am away but I will be taking a break from my computer to spend time with my family and enjoy my vacation without any distractions.



  1. I love that dress! I am definitely someone who makes lists, if I don't I feel even more like I'm forgetting something than I usually do and it kind of stresses me out b/c then I don't know where to start. I also tend to over pack.

  2. I love those shoes, hope you have a great time!!


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