Monday, July 20, 2015

Back in Action

Remember me?
So after 5 days in Cape May, I decided to extend my blogging vacation through the weekend. I just needed a break to recollect my thoughts and spend some time away from the computer. I love blogging, it has become a wonder hobby and outlet for myself but I never want it to become a chore. Summertime is a busy season for me and I have a lot going on so I don't always have the time/motivation to sit down and write a blog post. So I decided I'm no longer going to beat myself up when I don't have time to get a post up, quality over quantity, right?!
Anyway, vacation was so much fun. It was a great couple days spent with family at the beach. I know so many of you come back from trips and have all these tales of adventure, but honestly all we did was go to the beach and go out to eat (can you tell by my tan?). I get progressively darker throughout the trip, so you'll be able to mark the days these photos were taken by the color of my skin, haha. 
So what you can expect from me over the next few weeks are some fun outfit photos of my attire in Cape May, along with some fun travel information for those of you planning on making a trip to the Southern point of New Jersey. I'm also getting back in the kitchen this week so I should have a new recipe up for you next week (attempting to cleanse after a week of not so great eating on my end). So thanks for being patient with me while I took a few days off, I'm excited to get back to writing and catching up with everything I missed.
FYI: I wore this dress on our first night in Cape May to The Lobster House. Typically we're exhausted from traveling so we always head to the Lobster House for an amazing dinner and then call it a night! I love the mint color and it seemed perfect for a beach vacation.

Dress Gap (love the pink option) // Sandals // Belt
Aviators // Bag Kate Spade, old //Anchor Bracelet, Kate Spade (available on eBay)
Necklace, Francesca's old // Teal Bracelet, J Crew old



  1. I love that dress and the bag too!

  2. I LOVE that bag! It's so cute & colorful!


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