Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Neon Lights

So I know this neon green is not for everyone, but I for one cannot get enough of this skirt. I've already worn it 3 times in the two weeks since I purchased it. At first I was concerned at how versatile a lime green skirt would be but I quickly realized there are so many ways to wear it. I even wore it to work this week with a black blouse so believe me when I say neon can work in even the professional environment. 

Can you tell it was super hot and hazy when I took these photos? My camera kept fogging up from the heat! I'm not complaining though because I would prefer 90 degree weather over the snow any day of the week. I wore this outfit while we grabbed dinner in Washington Square, Cape May one night last week. I was looking for something light and comfortable, but something that would still show off my tan, haha. 

Since coming back from vacation I've had a mixture of business and pleasure. I'm slowly getting back into the swing on things in the office, sigh, I wish I could vacation permanently. Last weekend I had to say goodbye to my friend Nicole who is getting out of the 518 and moving down to Charleston SC to be closer to her siblings. It's going to be tough without her here, but I am looking forward to having a permanent place to stay whenever I decide to board a plane to SC, especially when the Albany winter becomes unbearable. I also got the chance to go see Trainwreck this weekend, which I have been looking forward to seeing for quite sometime. The movie was hilarious and Amy Shumer is someone I wish I was friends with because she is both outrageous and incredibly relatable. It's a great movie to go see with all your girlfriends because I'm sure a few of you can relate to Amy's antics. 

Top // Skirt // Sandals
Bag Michael Kors (similar option here)
Sunglasses, Kate Spade (similar options here)
Gold Bangle // Other Bangles, old
Necklace Ann Taylor, old 


  1. The neon green looks really good with your tan. I'm so jealous of that tan. I haven't gotten to spend too much time outside and therefore, I am pale.

  2. Love love the neon on you! You look so chic!

  3. You pull off neon so well!! I want to see Trainwreck, Amy Schumer is hilarious!
    xo, Syd


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