Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fake Bake

      It's September and I am officially in panic mode. The family pools are closing all around me and the thought of my tan starting to fade makes me break out in a sweat. I know, the sun is bad for you, I get it. But there is nothing like a good tan to make an outfit pop. Plus, there is nothing like the feel of the sun on your skin, I could spend every day at the beach and be one happy girl. I'm almost full blood Italian, pale skin just looks weird on me.
      Alas, I'll have to wait another 9 months before I can bask in the sun again, so I'm on the hunt for a good self-tanner/bronzer. Please understand, I do this every September... hunt through the local drug stores/Target for a self tanner that actually works, and every year I fail miserably. So I'm looking for your help! 

      Last September I bought the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (for medium to dark skin tones) at Target because it was recommended as one of the best Body Bronzers in the magazines. This year it was also voted as "Best Drugstore Self-Tanner" by Glamour Magazine (it was a 7 time winner). However, I was not impressed. I didn't think it kept up my tan and I found myself getting lighter and lighter as the month went on. Also it wasn't the best smelling thing. Maybe I'm missing something, but it didn't give me the glow I was looking for.

       So I think I'll have to try something new this year. Glamour also did a poll for best self-tanner from a department or speciality store and the winner was St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, so despite being $32 I might have to try it out. I also heard good things about the Tan Towels brand which makes body wipes and lotions to create a summer tan. So I'm open to suggestions, how do you keep your summer tan?! Am I doomed to be pale by October? SOS, please send help.

Have you ever used a self-tanner?
What brands do you like?


  1. I used to use the Jergens tanning lotion and it worked great but I hated how it would smell, other then that one I haven't tried any other ones but I hear Tan Towels are amazing!


  2. My sister uses the tan towels and loves them.


  3. You should try Bath and Body Works for their tanning line! A bunch of my friends swear by it.
    citrus & style

  4. $32 seems like a lot for tanning supplies but I guess fake tans are also pricey. I have not used many tanning products but I have also heard good things about Bath and Body Works!

  5. This is by far been my palest summer haha. I've tried Tan Towel before and loved them. I've also heard great things about St. Tropez, and heard that the Million Dollar Tan line has awesome products, but I've never tried it. Apparently Million Dollar Tan isn't as smelly as the other ones!


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