Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend Reads

Happy Weekend Everyone!
I hope you're all staying cool during this heatwave that is moving across the US. Temperatures reached the high 90's in my area this week so Misa and I spent a lot of time in front of the AC. If the rest of you are doing the same, here are a few fun reads and weekend links for your enjoyment.
  • Buzzfeed really had me laughing at some of the articles they posted this week including this list of 23 People Who Saw An Opportunity and Took It
  • Did anyone else get the chance to shop Baublebars Christmas in July Sale? I was able to pick up my favorite bold beaded strand necklace in baby pink.
  • Just because I like my job doesn't mean I wouldn't rather be home doing something fun. This article on 'If The Thoughts You Had At Work Were Motivational Posters' totally nails my thought process throughout the day.
  • How pretty is Laura from Bright and Beautiful in this striped top?! I found two similar tops here and here.
  • You may not think of Amy Schumer as a role model off the bat, but check out this interview in Glamour Magazine and you will see how awesome she really is. 
  • I've really been enjoying this season of Big Brother, it's my summer guilty pleasure. Each day after the episode I always listen to the episode recap at Rob Has A Podcast where he brings in old houseguests to talk game.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. That Buzzfeed article made me laugh out loud. Great choices! :)

    Maggie Dickman


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