Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Favorite Side Dish Recipes

Happy Tasty Tuesday!
Unfortunately for you guys, I don't have a new recipe to share with you today. Even though I've been in the kitchen a lot lately, I haven't really been experimenting with any new recipes this week, instead I've been sticking to some of my classic dishes including my jambalaya. So instead, I'm going to go back into the archives and find some of my favorite summer side dishes.

  • Antipasto Pasta Salad (pictured above) is super easy to make, plus it's customizable depending on the chef so you can add whatever cheeses, deli meats and vegetables you want to make a tasty dish.
  • Grilled Garlic Potatoes I'm not a big griller, I normally leave that to my dad or uncle but I don't mind preparing dishes for them to throw on the grill. These ingredients to these potatoes are all common household spices, and takes about 10 minutes to prepare.
  • Fresh Spinach Salad - If you're looking for a healthier option be sure to try this fresh spinach salad, which is as tasty as it is colorful.
  • Tuna Macaroni Salad - I'm a huge tuna fish fan, I could have tuna sandwiches every day and not get sick of them so it's no surprise I love to add a can of tuna to macaroni salad as well. This goes great with hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill.
  • Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork - Nobody wants to turn the oven on in the summer time so while you're grilling, make up a side of pulled pork for guests in the crock pot.
What is your favorite side dishes for summer?


  1. Yum, I really want to try the pulled pork recipe and the garlic potatoes! Sounds delish!

  2. Those grilled potatoes look fantastic! I like to make an arugula and pasta salad mix as a side dish in the summer (with some goat cheese, craisins, and walnuts!) but definitely need to up my game in the winter. Little unhealthy baked hors d'oeuvres are all I gravitate towards!


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