Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New Summer Accessory: Tattoos

We all know by now that I'm a sucker for a good accessory, especially statement jewelry. However, with summer right around the corner I will be spending a whole lot of my free time somewhere near the water whether it be a pool or the beach. That means the probability of me leaving the house with jewelry on is slim because I don't want my jewelry to get lost or damaged from being in the water. This is where Flash Tattoo's come in, it's jewelry inspired temporary tattoos that became the answer to my dilemma.
 Flash Tattoos are perfect to the beach, the pool, parties, festivals and concerts and they take minutes to apply. Remember when you were a kid and you would get those temporary tattoos out of the gum ball machines at the grocery store? You would place them on your skin, add warm water, wait two minutes and peel off the paper to reveal a flower, peace sign, or character tattoo that would last a couple days and eventually wash off. Well this is the exact same concept but instead of child prints you have gorgeous metallic patterns that add a little personality to your summer wardrobe. 
(ignore the sunburn)
I was first introduced to Flash Tattoos in St. Maarten where a friend of mine brought a couple packages of them for us to try. I was immediately hooked and knew they would be my new summer accessory obsession. I had the metallic tattoos on all week long and would reapply different ones based on what we were doing that week. The best part, is each day can be a new tattoo because you can wash them off with a little scrubbing in the shower. A package of tattoo's will run you $22 and it will offer you plenty of options that will last you all summer long, so it's a great cheap investment to make. 

Check out some of the ways you can wear them below:

After wearing them all week long in the sun I ended up coming home with a vine tan line, guess you could say I was definitely hooked!

Would you wear flash tattoos as an alternative to summer jewelry?


  1. I think these are soo cute!! I think I may be too pale to pull it off haha!

  2. I'm itching to get a second tattoo, but maybe these will help me wait until the end of the summer! (I'm trying to wait until I'm done picking up extra Disney hours while I'm on break for school).


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