Friday, May 22, 2015

Draper James

Not sure if you have heard yet but actress Reese Witherspoon recently started a new line called Draper James. It's focused on clothing and accessories with a few fun home goods like blankets and stationary. Although the items can be a little pricey, they definitely give me plenty of outfit inspiration.

Draper James styles I'm looking to recreate this summer:
  • Nautical Stripes- I love the light blue and navy mix, a fun twist on the traditional navy and white stripe.
  • Bright Florals- Coral is a color I don't own a lot of but I fell in love with coral and cobalt combination from that bracelet and phone case. 
  • Statement Accessories- From bold rings to funky hats and cheeky totes, I like to have one conversation piece on at all time this summer.
  • Wicker Handbags- Straw and wicker bags give the ultimate beach look for these warmer months.
Phone Case // Tote Bag


  1. Love this!!! :)
    like my facebook page if you want :) would mean a lot to me

  2. Okay this is perfect!!!! I love love that hat!!!

  3. I have serious phone case envy right now.

  4. Love that dress and her new line!



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