Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Favorites

I am so pumped today is Friday, especially because it's my Friday off this week. Honestly, signing up for an alternate work schedule at my job so I have every other Friday off was the best decision I have ever made because now I have an extra day to get all my errands done. However, I'm taking a break today and going to my grandma's to have lunch with her... much better than hanging out in the office!

Here is what I'm loving this week:
  • Check out my Tips for Better Sleep article on the Undeniable Website. I've started practicing all these ideas myself and have definitely found myself waking up more refreshed.
  • I'm on the hunt for a faux fur vest for fall and I can't decide if I want this gorgeous white long fur vest from Michael Kors or this brown zip up one from Banana Republic. Which one do you like better?
  • Now that my shopping ban has lifted I've found myself browsing a lot of things online... don't you think this blanket scarf would go great with either of those faux fur vests?
  • I finally broke down and got a new phone last week after my iPhone 4 was literally on it's last leg. Shockingly, I decided against getting the iPhone 6, mainly because I thought it was just too big and I didn't want to pay $300 for more memory. Instead I traded in my 4 and picked up the iPhone 5S with 32GB memory for only $90! Now I just have to wait for my I AM VERY BUSY case to arrive in the mail. 
  • Kate Spade is having a huge Friends and Family Sale this weekend, everything is 30% off in stores and online! My favorites include these gold slip on sneaks, an amazing leopard coat, and this plaid cross body bag.
  • I've also been looking for a cream cable knit sweater and I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and buying this one.
  • Has anyone else been watching American Horror Story: Freak Show?! This season has been great so far except now I'm having terrible nightmares that I'm going to get abducted by a scary clown!
What are you loving this week?


  1. Seriously loving your picks, especially the vests, scarf and sweater. Have a great weekend, Alex!

  2. I love both of those vests a lot! The white one is really unique. And you should totally get that blanket scarf! I finally got one from Target that looks exactly like that and its sooo comfy. Have a good weekend :)

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

  3. You should so get that blanket scarf! I hope you have a great weekend Alex!


  4. The Scarf looks amazing ,the Colours are wonderful :)

  5. I'd actually go with the Michael Kors vest. I love both of them (Banana is my work clothes go-to) but I've learned that trendy items I want (like fur vests) I should spend less on than staples like equestrian boots or a good pair of jeans.

    Happy shopping!

    - Sarah :)


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