Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Adventures with a Psychic Medium

I had the craziest Sunday last weekend that was  not only very busy but also somewhat emotional. I spent my morning apple picking with friends followed by lunch, but afterwards I headed straight to my Aunt Pats because she has scheduled a psychic medium to do readings for everyone. I had been to a medium before but it was in a group setting so I didn't get much personally from it but on this specific instance my aunt had this woman set up in her attic where she would do personal 1 hour readings for whoever was interested. Now, I would consider myself a "skeptical believer" because I do believe that some people have a unique gift that allows them to contact those who have passed before us, but I also think there are plenty of people out there who take advantage of people and pretend to have a gift when really they are spewing generic information and taking your money.

Not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous. Normally I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions in check during stressful or emotional moments but I could not get a grip. One by one friends and family members were going upstairs and I was stuck there waiting to hear what this woman would tell me. Now, I knew going in that she wouldn't tell me anything bad (hopefully) but the thought of possibly hearing from relatives that had passed gave me such a nervous energy, I could not stop shaking! My Uncle Tom went first and after he came down and told us all the information he found out I was shocked. Both my grandmother and grandfather cmd through to him along with several of his deceased aunts and uncles. Prior to this moment when we walked upstairs, this psychic medium did not know his name or anything about him but she was able to tell him information that he had never repeated to anyone else before along with traits that my grandmother was known for (such as wringing her hands when she got nervous or serious about anything).

I was so happy that he had a wonderful experience, but that only made me more nervous! Personally, I wasn't really interested in finding out what the future had in store for me. Truth be told, I'm a pretty optimistic person and I was not really concerned with things like my future love life, career, etc because I already know that all things work themselves out in the end. I was, however, anxious to hear what my grandmother would want to tell me. I'm pleased to report that my grandma and both grandfathers came though, which was pretty cool because one of my grandfathers I had never met because he passed long before I was born. Even though I would never get the opportunity to meet my grandpa, it was comforting to know he was still with me and watching over me. In addition, it was nice to hear that my grandparents were proud of who I had become, not that I doubted it but there was an energy in the room that really made me feel like they were present.

One other interesting thing I experienced was the medium brought up my first dog, Kuma, who I lost a year before I got Misa. She let me know that Kuma still greets me at the door when I come home late at night, which immediately made me sob uncontrollably. She also let me know that dog spirits are different than human ones, and that Kuma's spirit sometimes jumps into Misa (that probably explains those short instanced when Misa isn't acting like a complete monster, haha). When it all ended I was so exhausted, it felt like I had run a marathon. However, I found solace in all the information this woman provided to me, so despite it being such an emotionally draining night, it was well worth it.

Have you ever gone to a psychic medium?
Do you believe that people can contact the deceased?


  1. That is so crazy!!! How neat to learn that family is watching over you. I have never been but I love Long Island Medium, I would love to have this experience.

  2. I have always thought it would be fun to go to a psychic medium but like you I am a bit of a skeptic. The experience you had sounds really cool and real!


  3. Wow that is so cool!! I've never been to a medium – the closest we've come to is going to a handwriting analyst (haha). It's definitely on my list of things to do, but I want to go to someone who comes highly recommended!

    xo, B


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