Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Taking A Break From Statement Jewelry

Last fall I really started to invest in more scarves. My problem is that I don't really have a place to display my scarves in my bedroom so I keep them in a bin on the top shelf of my closet. So when I'm picking out an outfit in the morning I was finding that I was immediately gravitating towards the jewelry on my dresser, completely forgetting that I have a bin full of great scarves that I could be wearing instead. Towards the end of winter I started to get better about digging a scarf out of my bin though and this upcoming fall there are already a number of scarves that have ended up on my wish list. 
High on my to-buy list are heavier scarves in plaid or tartan mainly because they're so versatile and classic. For some reason I always tended to associate warmer scarves with outdoor wear, but they definitely work with a basic blouse, vest or knit sweater as well. 

Are any of you investing in a new scarf for fall?


  1. I love the scarf you have on in your pic! (polka dots) I have a million. I use a scarf hanger, otherwise i wear the same 2 every day if they arent out for me to see. that way I can make sure I see all my options :) I just bought a barbour tartan. LOVE.

  2. I started getting into scarves last year. In years prior I would always prefer to wear jewelry to accessorize, but scarves are chic and help keep you warm! I love the tartan scarves and I've been keeping my eye out for them in stores! I need a better storage solution too, though, mine are also in a bin at the top of my closet. If you figure something better out, let us know!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  3. Ooo that polka dot scarf is so pretty! I agree - time to switch from statement necklaces to scarves!

  4. I got a plaid scarf from Land's End for Christmas last year, and I love it! It goes great with sweaters and boots. Even though I miss summer already, I'm excited to start wearing it again!


  5. Yep, I love switching it up with scarves! I really want to get an oversized one this year!

  6. I always forget about my scarves too, I finally put them all on a hanger so that I see them when I pick out my outfit.

  7. I love swapping out statement necklaces for scarves. Such a fun touch!

  8. I love scarves, they are one of my favorite accessories! I can see where you're coming from thought, it is definitely easier to pick out jewelry in the morning than find a scarf to match an outfit.


  9. YES I TOTALLY AGREE! I have been really into scarves for the season. I recently styled one into a headband on my blog x)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)


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