Monday, October 6, 2014

Indian Ladder Farms

Yesterday was such a busy, exhausting day. I woke up extra early to go apple picking with friends, which I was so excited for because it was a beautiful day outside and now that it's finally October I have started to get into the fall spirit. I was so happy when my friend Nicole suggested we go pick apples because I wasn't sure that I would get out this fall. So we made the trek up to Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont. I wasn't sure what kind of selection they were going to have because the past few years NY has been suffering and there hasn't been many apples produced... something to do with this crazy weather we've had. Good news though because they had a pretty good selection and we were able to fill our bags. I'm curious though, how much does it cost you to pick apples where you are because I felt it was a little pricey ($17 for one big bag!)?

Post apple picking we wandered around the farm. I got in line to buy cider donuts but it was so long that I got impatient and didn't want to wait any longer. The good news is my local market makes fresh ones daily so I will probably just pick some up there (let's be real though, the last thing I need are cider donuts in the house). Then we went to Bellini's Counter for lunch. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the 518. It's similar to a Moe's or Chipotle where you order food at a counter and they make it in front of you but instead of Mexican, you have the option of a pasta bowl, salad or flatbread filled with delicious toppings! I got this amazing flatbread with grilled chicken, greens and beans covered in vodka sauce, yummy! 

Marissa, Nicole and I on our little apple picking date!

The morning was chilly when we left so I was glad that I wore my field jacket to keep me warm. Plus it had rained the day before so I wanted to wear my converse walking through the apple fields in case it was muddy, luckily it wasn't!

Jacket // Jeans (on sale!) // Converse // Scarf Kate Spade (old) (BUT available on eBay here!) // Sunnies

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I think going apple picking would be such a fun thing to do and a perfect fall activity! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!


  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I wanna go apple picking! And I really like your scarf.

    xo, carli

  3. Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun!!! I've never been apple picking before, but it looks like you had a ball Alex :)


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