Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

I was a bit of a homebody this weekend but I'm not complaining. I had so much that I needed to do that with the exception of two dinner parties on Friday and Saturday night, I spent most of my weekend inside my house. Saturday, I cleaned my entire bedroom and organized my fall wardrobe and Sunday was spent in the kitchen! I made a big ham dinner with creamed spinach, apple sauce and butternut squash (recipe to come!), followed by an apple pie (another recipe coming next week!) since I had all those apple left from apple picking last weekend. 
It's finally starting to hit me that it's fall because I've been spending my weekends inside doing stuff around the house, maybe I'm starting to hibernate for winter haha! It's bad because it's 6pm here and I'm already in my PJs catching up on my blogs and watching the Walking Dead marathon in preparation for tonights season 5 premier (eek!). On the plus side, I have a 3 day weekend so tomorrow I am going to hit up the mall for a little retail therapy, I haven't shopped in over a month! I'm also hoping to finally get a new iPhone since mine has been on a downward spiral this past year. I'm still debating whether I should get the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6. I'm a little hesitant that the 6 will be too big for me since I only have the iPhone 4 right now. Can anyone recommend one over the other for me, I'm terrible at making technological decisions....

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I was lazy all weekend, as well... We had all sorts of things we wanted to do, but the rain put a damper on it. I have tomorrow off (YAY!) so I'm hoping to use it to catch up on laundry & blogging, plus get a manicure. Hope you have a great week, dear!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I wish I could say mine was as nice, I had so much homework though! It's always nice to have the added day for the holiday tomorrow though!

  3. I was a bit of a homebody as well this weekend! It sounds like you had a good weekend, hope you have a great start to a new week!


  4. I love lazy weekends! Looking forward too your two recipes coming up on the blog. And ah i missed walking dead tonight can't wait to catch up tomorrow!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots


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