Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What to Pack in a Beach Bag

I have not been shy about my feelings about spending time near the pool and beach during the warmer months. It's terrible, but I put off all my important errands and chores until fall because it's just too hard to be inside on a beautiful weekend day (or weekday for that matter...). Personally, I keep a packed "pool bag" handy at all time for a last minute trip to plop myself down in a float and my pool tote becomes my second bag in the summer, I always have it close by.
Since I officially have less than a month before I ship off to Cape May for a week with my family, I'm already thinking about what I'm going to carry with me to the ocean. So today I'm giving you some ideas on what I like to have handy when I'm relaxing near the water.
  1. Comfy towel -- Oversized towels are a must, you want something that will be soft on your skin and keep you dry after a dip.
  2. Cover-up -- During my trips to the ocean I trade my shorts and tank tops for easy light weight cover-ups that I don't mind if they get wet. Lately I've been especially loving the kimono trend for when you're hanging out by the pool.
  3. A good book or trashy magazine-- I get so much reading done when on vacation. I like to switch between reading the latest celebrity gossip and all the book recommendations I hear from you guys!
  4. Sun Protection (beauty edition) -- Ocean sun is no joke, being by the water really increases the suns power so it's important to protect yourself with a good sunscreen and end the day with after sun lotion. I swear by Banana Boats: Aloe After Sun Lotion, it has been a lifesaver of mine and don't leave home without it.
  5. Sun Protection (fashion edition) -- A funky hat and cute pair of sunglasses are a must when you're trying to protect your face from those rays. Go for a cheap pair that you won't mind losing if you decide to brave the ocean waves.
  6. Music - A good playlist only makes sitting by the water that much better and luckily there are so many lightweight travel radio options that are perfect for dropping in the sand.

What are your beach bag must haves?



  1. Great list! I get so much reading done while by th epool or beach, too!

  2. I read 2 books while on vacation, plus like 3 magazines. I definitely agree you need a good sunscreen & a big floppy hat. :)


  3. Loving that kimono that you picked out! Such a helpful post!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. Very nice! Love the hat :)))

  5. You are so smart to have a bag packed and ready to go! I love that you put off stuff that can wait until the fall so that you can enjoy what the summer brings - you are truly living right! :)


  6. I so agree! It is way too hard to be inside on a beautiful summer day! I love the hat you picked for the post!



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